Teachers and three pupils in class room

Project: Crossroads – two longidudinal studies of choices and values in teachers' work trajectories

How do teachers retain their commitment and ideals in the profession over time? What crossroads are teachers facing? What strategies help teachers to stay in the profession? By following 87 teacher students who graduated in 1993 until today, we have had a unique opportunity to develop knowledge about teachers' professional paths and professional development.

This project was concluded in 2020.

Project information

Project members 2016-2020: Ulla Karin Nordänger, Per Lindqvist, Rickard Carlsson
Project members 2012-2015: Ulla Karin Nordänger, Per Lindqvist, Annika Andrae Thelin, Ola Agevall, Göran Fransson (University of Gävle), Anneli Frelin (University of Gävle)
Funding organization: 
Vetenskapsrådet (the Swedish Research Council)
2012-2015 and 2016-2020
Subject: Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Educational Sciences