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Doctoral project: Environmental impact of acid sulfate soils in Sweden

This project concerns the geochemistry of acid sulfate soils, their effect on the environment, soil and surrounding waters, as well as the geographical extent of these soils within Sweden.

Project information

Doctoral student
Alexandra Nyman
Mats Åström
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket)
Start in 2020, expected finish in 2024
Environmental science (Department of Biology and Environmental Science, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences)

More about the project

Acid sulfate soils are naturally occurring soils. In the Nordic countries, they are often found in coastal areas that have previously been below the sea level. These soils are interesting from an environmental and geochemical perspective. Oxidized acid sulfate soils have been associated with increased acidification. These soils are historically important from a societal perspective, and have often been used successfully as agricultural soils.

This project focuses on what happens environmentally and geochemically inside these soils, with an emphasis on Sweden. To what extent are these soils found in Sweden, and are there geographical trends to their occurrence? This project will contribute to a deeper understanding of acid sulfate soils, and Swedish soils science in general.