composite picture with elderly woman pressing her hands against the small of her leg, and sitting with her face buried in her hands

Doctoral project: Self-care as a method to reduce the risk of wound recurrence

The aim of the project is to prevent recurrence of hard-to-heal ulcers, improve treatment processes and promote a person-centered and equal care. Our strategy is to develop a personal self-care plan in order to strengthen the staff and the patients' knowledge of wounds, treatment and self-care in hard-to-heal ulcers.

Project information

Doctoral student
Marcus Rosenburg
Cecilia Fagerström
Assistant supervisors
Hanna Tuvesson
Gunilla Lindqvist
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sårcentrum, Region Blekinge, Region Kronoberg, Region Jämtland Härjedalen, Ronneby Municipality, Karlskrona Municipality, RiksSår
Linnaeus University, the Kamprad Family Foundation (Familjen Kamprads stiftelse)
20 Jan 2020–20 Jan 2025
Caring Science (Department of Health and Caring Sciences, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences)

More about the project

Study 1 and 2 will be conducted with the life-worlds in focus. We want to describe the lived experiences of the time after healing (study 1) and of getting selfcare advises and information during treatment (study 2).

Study 3 will, through data from a national quality registry, focus on connections between sex, age, selfcare and treatment etc.

The dissertation work is based on the patient's experiences. The project is part of the research in the research project A co-created solution for a personal self-care planning process to prevent recurrence in hard-to-heal ulcers.