elderly man lifting two dumbbells

Doctoral project: Still going strong?

The aim of this thesis is to gain a deeper understanding on how men aged over 60 years experience ageing, the body and masculinity in the context of physical activity. Theoretically the thesis pays an interest in how ageing masculinities relate to hegemonic notions of masculinity and how such masculinities are embodied among participants, impacting their health and sense of self.

Project information

Doctoral student
Cecilia Rindhagen
Jesper Andreasson
Assistant supervisors
Thomas Johansson, Sofia Ryman Augustsson
The Kamprad Family Foundation
Sport science (Department of Sport Science, Faculty of Social Sciences)

More about the project

In Sweden, one in five are older than 65 years (SCB 2021). Though we have an ageing population in Sweden, and globally, research concerning older men is fractional. Consequently, we know little about this group and their embodied experience with exercise. Since physical activity is an important tool promoting health, it is important to seek a deeper understanding of this topic.

The project is part of the research in the project The Achilles’ Heel of Men – Prostate cancer and men’s physical and mental health in old age.