teacher in front of a class

Doctoral project: Student health in Swedish high schools

This dissertation project focuses on student health work in Swedish high schools. The perspectives of several actors are represented.

Project information

Doctoral student
Zofia Hammerin
Goran Basic
Assistant supervisor
Jenny Westerlund
Linnaeus University, Skaraborgsinstitutet
1 Sept 2020–1 Sept 2025
Pedagogy, social pedagogy (Department of Pedagogy and Learning, Faculty of Social Sciences)

More about the project

The health and well-being of children and young people is discussed worldwide and a topic on many political agendas. The school has been identified as an important arena for working with health and it is also stipulated in The Swedish Education Act.

In the amendment which took effect in 2011, the health promoting and preventive work was emphasized. However, the directives regarding what this actually means are vague. Health and learning are closely linked and several actors in school work with this in different ways. Yet there is a lack of consensus regarding what it means to work with promotion and prevention in school or whose responsibility it is.

This dissertation focuses on student health work in Swedish high schools, from the perspectives of both students, teachers, student health professionals and principals. The project examines questions such as what student health work is and can be according to the different actors, and what the students themselves consider health promoting in school.

The project is part of the research in the research group Research in Inclusion, Democracy and Equity (RIDE).