Project: Entrepreneurship after retirement – a way to enhance life satisfaction?

Facts about the project

Project Manager
Mats Hammarstedt
Project Members
Mats Hammarstedt (Lnu) and Lina Aldén (fd Andersson) (Lnu)
Funding Organizations
Familjen Kamprads Stiftelse

More about the project

The process of population ageing that has been occurring in Sweden can be expected to continue also in the future. It is well known that an ageing population is associated with different economic problems, such as labour force shortage and exhaustion of the social security system. Due to these problems policymakers as well as researchers have often viewed elderly people as a burden to the economy and much effort has been put on how to deal with these problems and how to involve and motivate seniors to remain in or return to the labour force after retirement.

The aim of this project is to study determinants and the effects of senior entrepreneurship in Sweden. We are interesting in question such as: What types of seniors are active as entrepreneurs in Sweden? Is senior entrepreneurship more common among individuals who were active entrepreneurs in younger ages than among seniors who were wage-employed during the active ages? Are senior entrepreneurs active in other branches of business than younger entrepreneurs? What attitudes towards entrepreneurship does seniors have? Is there regional variation in such attitudes across Sweden? Are senior entrepreneurs more satisfied with their lives than they would have been if they had been out of the labour force after retirement? Our study will be conducted with the help of register data obtained from different registers at Statistics Sweden as well as with a survey.