A Tetra Pak container being opened

Project: Modelling of injection-moulded polymers

In this project, mathematical models for materials used in containers by the Tetra Pak company are developed. The models may then be used when simulating new products.

This project was finished in 2017.

Project information

Project manager at Linnaeus University
Martin Kroon
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, Malmö University, Tetra Pak
KK-stiftelsen, Tetra Pak
Mechanical Engineering (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Technology)

More about the project

Development of new products and containers can be facilitated by computer simulations, for instance simulations of the opening process of containers. Accurate computer simulations in turn require access to good material models for the materials in question.

The purpose of the project Modelling of injection-moulded polymers is to develop such models. These models may be used to predict the stress-strain relation of these materials and the models can also predict when failure will occur.

The research project is a collaboration between Linnaeus University, Malmö University, and Tetra Pak, which is a world leading company in the packaging industry.

Illustration: Tetra Pak