Project: Population genetics and diversity of aquatic protists across habitats and eukaryotic clades

Our team is a member of this network, which aim is to foster collaboration around the Baltic Sea within studies on patterns, mechanisms and the ecological consequences of intra-specific diversity of aquatic photosynthetic protists.

We will compare phytoplankton species and populations from different taxonomic groups and habitats spanning from freshwater lakes to the brackish Baltic Sea and North Atlantic waters. This will advance the general understanding of population genetic, ecological and evolutionary principles in aquatic protists, which are still poorly known.

During the network's three years we will share materials, methods and instrument facilities, perform joint surveys and experiments, exchange knowledge and expertise, integrate information and offer joint training possibilities for PhD students and post-docs (workshops and lab visits).

Coordinated by Anke Kremp, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Finland

Funding: NordForsk