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Project: LegiLexi

The overall aim of the project is to conduct research on the reading development of primary school students. LegiLexi provides a digital assessment tool with individual teaching recommendations for reading skills. The tool is aimed at teachers who teach reading.

Project information

Project manager
Linda Fälth & Thomas Nordström, Linnaeus University
Other project members
Stefan Gustafson, Ulrika Andersson, Henrik Danielsson, Linköping University;
Anna Eva Hallin, Karolinska institutet
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, Linköping University, Karolinska institutet, The foundation LegiLexi
Applied psychology (Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences)
Pedagogy (Department of Pedagogy and Learning, Faculty of Social Sciences)

More about the project


LegiLexi is a non-profit foundation with the vision that all children should learn to read properly during primary school in Swedish schools. LegiLexi's activities focus on developing competence and support mainly for primary school teachers in order to target all children in Sweden.

The foundation's products and services are based on research and proven experience and are run completely without commercial, political or religious interests. To achieve the goal, LegiLexi supports primary school teachers with user-friendly tools, inspiration and materials to use in reading instruction.

Research within the project includes the design of tests, evaluation of effects and teachers' use of LegiLexis products and services.