Old sofa

Project: Mapping of the conditions for efficient remanufacturing of furniture used in public environments

We want to increase the knowledge about circular economy and remanufacturing of furniture among regions and municipalities in the public sector, as well as regarding effective production strategies for remanufacturing at wood and furniture companies in Sweden.

Project information

Project manager
Steffen Landscheidt, SOT
Other project members
Mirka Kans, Chalmers, Peter Almström, Chalmers Malin Löfving, Träcentrum i Nässjö
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, Region Kalmar län Region Kronoberg, Gemla Möbler AB Gärsnäs AB
This project has gotten support from the strategic innovation program RE:Source, which is financed by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas
17 August 2022–16 February 2023
Forestry and wood technology (Department of Forestry and Wood Technology, Faculty of Technology)

More about the project

Remanufacturing means that the original producer takes back and renovates used. This is made to a small extent today. At the same time, demand for remanufactured products from customers in the public sector is increasing. Producing companies see remanufacturing as an important issue but lack effective production strategies to meet this demand. In this project, we map the conditions through dialogue with producing companies, the public sector, and other actors in the form of workshops, meetings, and interviews. We also map previous research in this area. Remanufacturing extends the life of products, product components and materials and thus contributes to sustainable use of resources, reduces the need for new wood raw materials and deforestation.