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Project: A model for norm-critical and inclusive multi-modal communication for users with a foreign mother tongue

This project works with developing and testing a norm-creative method for making municipal information comprehensible and accessible for people, who have a foreign mother tongue and weak command of the Swedish language.

Project information

Project coordinator: Funka

Participating organisations: Funka, Botkyrka municipality, Linnaeus University

Financier: Vinnova

Subject: Faculty of Humanities and Arts, Department of Media and Journalism/ and Faculty of Technology, Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering, Work Practice and Technology, Linnaeus University

Academic expert and Linnaeus University contact: Annelie Ekelin

More about the project

Written communication and services from municipalities and other authorities can be difficult to understand and use for people with a foreign mother tongue, especially for newly arrived people. The easy-to-read format has become the standard means to adapt and simplify official texts. However, this format is designed for people with intellectual disabilities and does not take into account the needs of other target groups.

In this project, we are developing and testing a norm-creative method for making municipal information more comprehensible and accessible, for people who have a foreign mother tongue and a weak command of the Swedish language. We work together with the target group to uncover underlying cultural norms and assumptions in municipal information, and to develop multimodal material that is easier to understand and make sense of.

The project is a collaboration between accessibility experts, a municipal administration and academic experts in the field of norms and inclusion. The final result is expected to be a publicly available method for how municipalities can work with their communication to best reach citizens with a foreign mother-tongue.

The long-term vision of the project is that improved communication between municipalities and residents of foreign origin will lead to greater integration, stronger local democracy, and more efficient community service at local level.

The project is a collaborative project between Funka, Botkyrka Municipality and Linnaeus University, and part of the research in Linnaeus University Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies (IMS). The project is financed by Vinnova. Read more about the participating organisations by clicking the links in the text.