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Project: APPEND – Digital Product Passport to Revolutionize the Furniture Industry

The purpose of this project is to design, develop, and validate a DPP (Digital Product Passport) prototype within the furniture sector. During this innovation process, we also aim to focus our research efforts on issues related to data traceability, integrity, ownership, and governance as underlying concepts for a successful and sustainable implementation of DPP.

Project information

Project manager
Fisnik Dalipi
Other project members
Arianit Kurti
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University; Interior Cluster Sweden AB; Sigma Technology Solutions Group AB; Delori AB
Vinnova – Sweden's Innovation Agency
Informatics (Department of informatics, Faculty of technology)
Research group
Interaction Design Research Group
Linnaeus Knowledge Environment
Digital Transformations

More about the project

The project's goal is to transform the furniture industry by introducing a Digital Product Passport (DPP). This system, bridging data and the circular economy, will streamline the exchange of crucial data throughout the entire value chain, encompassing information traceability, and promote social responsibility within the furniture sector. APPEND adopts a design-thinking approach to identify challenges and prototype solutions based on user feedback.

In the consortium, Linnaeus University brings research expertise, Interior Cluster of Sweden access to the SME pool, and practical knowledge of the production challenges. Sigma Technology is a solution integrator, and Delori is a technology provider.

The project is part of the research in the research group Interaction Design Research Group and in Linnaeus Knowledge Environment: Digital Transformations