Synoptic Arctic Survey 2021, team Linnaeus University, from left to right: Emma Svahn, Karin Holmfeldt, Elin Lindehoff, Hanna Farnelid, Dennis Amnebrink, Clara Pérez Martínez, Christien Laber, Janina Rahlff.

Project: Arctic expedition - Synoptic Arctic Survey-SAS Oden 2021

The expedition Synoptic Arctic Survey will take place onboard the Swedish Icebreaker Oden during August-September 2021. The expedition is part of an international collaboration setting out to map the status and change of the Arctic Ocean ecosystem. Researchers from the Linnaeus University will participate in projects that will study bacteria, phytoplankton, zooplankton and viruses in the Arctic Ocean

Facts about the project

Project managers
Hanna Farnelid, Samuel Hylander, Karin Holmfeldt
Other project members
Jarone Pinhassi, Clara Pérez Martinez, Dennis Amnebrink, Christien Laber, Elin Lindehoff, Janina Rahlff, Emma Svahn, Linnaeus University, Lisa Winberg von Friesen, University of Copenhagen
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat
Swedish Polar Research Secretariat
July 16 - September 20 2021
Ecology, Biology and Environmental Science (Department of Biology and Environmental Science, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences)
Research groups
Marine phytoplankton ecology and applications (MPEA), Marine Microbial Ecology, Food Web Ecology
Linnaeus Knowledge Environment


More about the project

The Arctic Ocean is one of the least studied oceans in the world and is currently greatly affected by global warming. Changes in the Arctic will affect the whole planet and it is therefore important to map the current status and the changes that are taking place.

The Synoptic Arctic Survey (SAS) is a bottom-up, researcher driven, initiative aiming at collecting empirical data in the Arctic ocean. SAS is an international coordination of 12 research vessels and will take place in 2020/2021. The initiative enables unprecedented coverage of large parts of the understudied Arctic Ocean, providing knowledge for tracking climate change and its impacts on the Arctic Ecosystem. The overarching question of the Synoptic Arctic Survey is: What are the present state and major ongoing transformations of the Arctic marine system?

In the Swedish part of the SAS onboard the icebreaker Oden, 39 researchers from 14 institutions are participating. To read more about the expedition please follow the expedition blog:

The expedition will start on July 16 with an individual quarantine for the participants in Malmö. On July 26, the icebreaker Oden departs from Helsingborg and on August 2, the observations in the Arctic Ocean begin. The estimated return to Helsingborg is September 20, 2021.

The project is part of the research in the research groups Marine Microbial Ecology, Marine Phytoplankton Ecology and Applications and Food Web Ecology.