circular economy, ecopreneurship, business models

Project: Circular ecopreneurs

Circular ecopreneurs are entrepreneurs that aim to solve environmental issues. Through their business models they aim to create a more resource efficient society.

Project information

Project manager
Joacim Rosenlund
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University
Familjen Knut och Ragnvi Jacobssons stiftelse
1 jan 2020 - 31 dec 2020
Entrepreneurship (Department of Organisation and Entrepreneurship)
Entrepreneurship and social change

More about the project

A circular economy is a more resource efficient economy using less resources in production and consumption phases. Further, it is necessary to make products that last for a long time, repair these and recycle the materials. Here there is a need for new business models. If a region is to become circular it needs small scale entrepreneurs with new business models and products. These can even be called ecopreneurs as they focus on the environmental benefits.

This project aims to study these circular ecopreneurs. More knowledge is needed about circular business models and how these can inspire the industry. The goal is to provide knowledge to decision makers wanting to support circular ecopreneurship.

The project is run as a collaboration with Cirkulär Ekonomi i Kronoberg och Kalmar län, contributing to the development of tools for circular business modelling.