Photo: Mixed forest with spruce and birch.

Project: Climate adapted forest management

The proportion of private forest owners who adapt their forestry to a changing climate is increasing. Which climate adaptation measures are being taken in southern Sweden, as well as the motives behind these measures, are examined in more detail in this project.

Project information

Project manager
Erika Olofsson
Other project members
Rikard Jakobsson
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University
Linnaeus University
1 Sep 2021 - 31 Dec 2023
Forestry and Wood Technology (Department of Forestry and Wood Technology, Faculty of technology)
Research group
Forestry and Wood
Linnaeus Knowledge Environment
Green Sustainable Development

More about the project

In southern Sweden, private forest owners own approximately 80% of the forest land. Previous studies have shown that an increasing proportion of these forest owners take forest management measures to adapt their forests to climate change. It is less known what climate adaptation measures are carried out and what motives the forest owners have for these. Do forest owners adapt their forests through tree species selection, mixed forests, other management systems or modified silviculture? Is the aim to reduce the risk of forest damage or are there more motives? This project examines these questions in more detail using surveys and interviews.

The project is part of the research in the research group Forestry and Wood and in Linnaeus Knowledge Environment: Green Sustainable Development