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Project: Collaboration towards a gamified waste sorting house

Can waste sorting be fun? We aim to build a new type of house for waste sorting and study the effects of gamification in connection to this.

Project information

Project manager
Joacim Rosenlund
Other project members
Anna Augustsson och Miralem Helmefalk, Linnaeus University; Adam Palmquist, University of Gothenburg; Maria Rutensköld, architect
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, University of Gothenburg, Kretslopp Sydost, Fastighetsägarna, Kalmar City, Kalmarhem
The Kamprad Family Foundation
1 Jan 2021 – 31 Dec 2022
Environmental Science (Faculty of Health and Life Sciences: Department of Biology and Environmental Science)
Entrepreneurship (School of Business and Economics: Department of Economics and Statistics & Department of Marketing)

Det spelifierade miljöhuset

More about the project

In older city centres like Kalmar, there is a lack of space, which impedes waste management. In this project we want to build a new type of waste sorting house. This will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It will have a unique form and an outside made of mirrored glass.

To do this we need to work together across disciplines and sectors. During the project we will study this transdisciplinary approach. The waste sorting house will also work as a lab for gamification. This means that game mechanics, such as ranking, points and medals, are used to motivate visitors to sort their household waste better. Maybe the visitor gets applause after sorting! Maybe it can be fun to recycle?

A film about the gamified waste sorting house