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Project: Cooperation education

The project's overall goal is therefore to meet companies' challenges within competence, innovation and gender equality through a structured, proven and documented approach to cooperation education.

Facts about the project

Project manager
Valdete Hashani, Collaboration Advisor, Office of External Relations
Other project members
Magnus Bratt och Peter Adiels
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, IKEA, Södra skogsägarna Ek
Office of External Relations
Research group
The Bridge

More about the project

Working with educations in close collaboration with the surrounding society has often proved to be a good way to increase relevance, quality and attractiveness within courses and programs. This project contains a first work package that aims to make a deeper analysis of the world around us.

The companies' main challenges are competence, innovation and gender equality. The project's overall goal is therefore to meet these needs through a structured, proven and documented approach to cooperation education that is perceived as useful and requested by both industry and academia. The model must be a long-term engagement and a natural part of the education within Linnaeus University and be able to function as a good example of collaboration between industry and higher education.

The project will first develop and then verify, ie test, structures and working methods for courses and educations that enable employment at a company during the study period.

The idea is that the structures and working methods will also lead to making companies within the higher education institution visible and in this way engage students who otherwise do not have the industry as their main customer. This is also important for bringing in new skills in the industry. The focus should also be on engaging an increased number of women from the higher education institution, where the work should be on equal terms regardless of gender and background. The structures will also lead to companies gaining increased competence to see and formulate their own needs for collaboration.

The project is mainly linked to the university's strategic partners in order to enable collaborations exchange and include several actors from the business community in the Linnaeus region.

The strategic partnership between Linnaeus University, IKEA and Södra largely addresses educational collaboration. The parties have, mainly in areas with a forest connection, identified society's future challenges and the industry's need for competence. The proposed project will be based on these ideas.

A closer exchange of knowledge and an increased collaboration will lead to a greater innovation among the companies that are engaged in the educational collaboration. This can, among other things, stimulate further collaborations within the university's courses: study visits, guest lectures and degree projects. An increased degree of industry contacts will also provide a strengthening of staff / teachers at the university and generate more research projects with external parties.

The project is part of the research in the research group The Bridge