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Project: Cooperation for competence provision

The project intends to study and develop how vocational training courses with local anchoring can be designed to generate academic training for students and contribute with locally demanded proficiency.

Project information

Project manager
Mattias Lundin
Other project members
Charlotte Silander
1 Aug 2023–
Pedagogy (Department of Education and Teachers' Practice, Faculty of Social Sciences)

More about the project

Universities are recognized as key actors in knowledge provision and regional growth, but meeting these objectives is a challenge outside the university towns, especially in regions with high growth. Having students move to places where they can receive a university education is not a solution when they do not return after their studies. Universities sometimes offer education based on collaboration with municipalities to remedy the problem. Because the knowledge of such programs is limited, this project aims to study and develop those.

Municipalities with a competence intensive industry and where the municipality offers training in collaboration with several different universities are chosen for the project. The project will use documents, questionnaires, and interviews to investigate the way these programs have been designed. Interviews will be of importance to understanding training providers' and students’ experiences. An ethnographically inspired method will be used to understand the learning possibilities.

The results will be useful for developing collaborative programs throughout the country. The goal is to generate quality in programs and improve local employability in remote regions by suggesting new designs for these programs. The students’ perspectives and learning are key aspects when aiming to improve and expand these collaborations to reach more students.

The project is part of the research in the Research on pedagogical professions and practices (PEPP) research group and the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Education in change.