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Project: Dealing with risk in a maritime context

Risk as a concept includes both objective/engineering and subjective/societal approaches and is the bedrock of policy-making within maritime spatial planning and safety concerns. This project focuses on risk, its understanding and its manifestation within the maritime sphere.

Project information

Project manager
John Ohlson
Maritime Science (Kalmar Maritime Academy, Faculty of Technology)

More about the project

My research focuses on how the concept of risk is dealt with in the offshore and maritime industries. The transdisciplinary approach adopted is based on the study of structures of governance and on the use of institutional theory.

A generic approach to risk modelling within the permit application process of Swedish offshore wind power projects constituted the first stage of research. The second stage addresses risk perception regarding the use and operation of mandatory equipment and installations onboard passenger vessels from the legislative (policy-making) to the vessel (policy-doing) level.

The project is part of the research conducted by the Maritime science research group.