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Project: Dermicus Wounds: Development and feasibility test of a consultation and image application for safer diagnostics and better treatment of patients with hard to heal ulcers

This study aims to develop and evaluate a digital decision support system, Dermicus Wounds, with a consultation service and image function for ulcer treatment. The purpose is also to describe the staff's perceptions of engagement when using this e-health solution during the test period and to examine patient outcome measures (PROM) such as wound healing time.

Facts about the project

Project manager (assistant)
Cecilia Fagerström
Other project members
Rut Öien (project manager), Nina Åkesson, Hanna Wickström and Anna Davnert, Region Blekinge, RiksSår; Joakim Niklasson, Region Blekinge; Daniel Eliasson and Noor Alghayeb, Gnosco
Participating organizations
Region Blekinge, Linnaeus University, SKL, Gnosco
Vinnova, Region Blekinge via Vetenskapliga rådet, SKL, Gnosco
Jan 2018–Sept 2019
Caring science (Department of health and caring science, Faculty of health and life sciences)

More about the project

The project consists of two sub-projects:

  1. User testing of the image function in the ulcer healing process – a staff-focused e-health solution (funded by Vinnova).
  2. Virtual treatment support for difficult-to-heal leg, foot and pressure ulcers (funded by SKL).