drone flying in forest

Project: Drone measurement for the intelligent forest

We are to develop a system for collection of forestry information with drones that fly in the forest below the canopy. Based on video recording, valuable forestry information is collected, which creates increased values for both forestry owners as well as the industry and community. The method registers parameters and details on and around trees that are not possible to detect with current remote sensing technology.

Project information

Project manager
Johan Bergh
Participating organisations
Linnaeus University, Katam Technologies AB, Lund University, Södra Cell AB, Skogsstyrelsen (The Swedish Forest Agency), Ture Johansson Trävaru AB
Vinnova, the Seydlitz MP bolagen foundation
Forestry and wood technology (Department of Forestry and Wood Technology, Fakulteten Faculty of Technology)

More about the project

The project will utilize Katam Technologies current AI-based video analysis technology, where you currently by foot record smaller forest plots. By scaling up the method through the use of drone based measurements, 3D models can be generated for whole forest stands. The 3D model will then be combined with data from remote sensing or data collected from drones measuring above the canopy. With the combined data, very detailed 3D models can be generated for complete stands with annotated information on each individual tree. The technology can be realised with standard camera optics on the drones, without the need for expensive extra equipment such as LiDAR.

The proposed product or service has strong support among the participants, which have a distribution throughout industry, government, and academia, representing different needs. As developing part, Katam has, based on its ground-breaking forest measurement platform and with support from Faculty of Engineering LTH, good prospects to realise the projects vision of "The intelligent forest",

The project is part of the research in the Forestry and Wood research group.