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Project: Educational Technology in Schools

The project aims to change teachers' everyday practice and improve students' school results. This will be done by means of data-driven support and analysis combined with systematic competence development in close collaboration with teachers and school leaders and EdTech companies.

Project information

Project manager
Italo Masiello
Other project members
Mattias Davidsson, Kristina Holmberg, Rafael Messias Martins, Zeynab Mohseni, Susanna Nordmark and John Rack, Linnaeus University
Hanna Augustsson, Karolinska institutet, Sweden
Dean Fixsen, Active Implementation Research Network (AIRN), USA
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, Binogi (Studi), Natur & Kultur (DigiLär), NE, the Education Administration at Växjö Municipality, Västervik Municipality, Nybro Municipality and Mönsterås Municipality
More municipalities and schools are being recruited and more are welcome to register. Please contact for more information.
Forte, Implementation research 2020–2025
Växjö Municipality, 2020–2024
1 jan 2021–31 Dec 2030
Education technology (Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, Faculty of Technology)

More about the project

Film: About the project Educational Technology in Schools (in Swedish)

The project is part of the research in the EdTechLnu field of knowledge.