woman using EMIN's platform

Project: European Migration and Integration Network (EMIN)

EMIN is a geographically independent initiative, working across Sweden. The aim of the project was to individually support the target group throughout their migration process and, in the long term, to contribute to increased integration and establishment in society for third-country nationals.

This project was concluded in March 2024.

Project information

Project manager
Christopher High
Other project members
Heiko Fritz, Manuela Nilsson, Anna-Maria Sarstrand Marekovic, Cajsa Larson, Cecilia Jonsson, Susanne Alldén
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, Ronneby Municipality, RF-SISU Blekinge, Storuman's Municipality, all Sweden
Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
Jan 2023–Jan 2024
Peace and Development Studies (Department of Social Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences)

More about the project

Research and investigations show that unequal health, lack of equality in education, and poor establishment for new arrivals make integration difficult. European Migration and Integration Network (EMIN) offers tailored integration measures in order to establish initiatives adapted to the needs of the target group at both group and individual levels. This is done by creating a user-friendly and scalable digital work model and platform with 100,000s of activities, available everywhere – every day.

The project’s goals aim to improve the individual's educational results and knowledge of the Swedish language, improve health and better knowledge about the healthcare system, and expand the capacity of responsible authorities and actors involved in the local reception.

EMIN's platform connects actors at national, regional and local level, which provides increased cooperation, accessibility, equality and a faster establishment in society by creating a co-producing value chain, primarily through four activities:

  1. Preperatory – krafttag asyl. EMIN will, together with a number of actors, develop models for qualitative education to meet the needs of asylum seekers.
  2. Preventing and health promoting - eHälsa Vux. EMIN will create resources and methods to offer an effective, long-term and cost-effective digital health promotion within the adult education.
  3. Support and coaching – BIU online 3.0.BIU will continue to provide study guidance, while remaining dynamic to ensure better placement in the work society.
  4. Establishment – health, school, work. Through adapted education and initiatives, AMIF's target group should be able to find employment within short staffed establishments. They will also develop skills to become leaders within different associations.