a techer recording herself using a mobile phone

Project: FutureAbility: Digital and transversal skills for online teachers

The project will draw on the experience of university teachers during the Corona pandemic to develop training and resources for educators in teaching online in a participatory and engaging way.

Project information

Project manager
Christopher High
Other project members
Ida Qvarnström, Pehr-Henric Danielsson, Louise Johansson
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University
Sapienza University of Rome, Melting Pro Learning Social Co-operative; Italy
Loughborough University, Digitales Ltd; UK
Research Innovation and Development Lab, University of Patras; Greece
Cape Peninsula University of Technology; South Africa
Hungarian Academy of Science Regional Development Research Centre; Hungary
EU's Erasmus+ programme
June 2021–May 2023
Pedagogy (Department of Social Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences)

More about the project

Across the world, the Corona pandemic forced a shift to online and distance methods of teaching in universities, as lock-downs, travel restrictions and government guidance on bringing people together in one place closed lecture halls and laboratories. For example, at Linnaeus University almost all teaching was taken online in the space of a week on an emergency basis, and teachers have had to expand their skills for online and digital skills on the job. There’s now an enormous wealth of innovations and new practices that could be shared between teachers.

The consortium behind the project have extensive experience of creative digital methods, such as participatory video and digital storytelling. Based in South Africa as well as across Europe, they will work to bring together and analyse different experiences of teaching online since the start of the pandemic. This project will draw on this experience to develop teaching methods and digital tools to help more teachers and trainers to develop participatory and engaging material for on-line lessons. University lecturers will get help with improving their key digital and cross-cutting skills, with a particular focus on digital methods.