Hagbards galge

Project: Hagbards galge – a unique Bronze Age environment in Halland, Sweden

The aim of this project is to compile and publish new research results concerning the Bronze Age environment Hagbards galge in SW Sweden.

Project information

Project manager
Peter Skoglund
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University
Ebbe Kocks stiftelse
Archaeology (Department of Cultural Sciences)

More about the project

Hagbards galge is the name of two stone settings from the Bronze Age in Asige in Halland that lack national and international parallels. What makes the graves unique is partly the presence of stones raised in pairs in each grave, and partly the relatively large number of petroglyphs found on some of them.

In recent years, several findings have contributed to a completely new understanding of Hagbards galge in terms of its dating and archaeological environment. The project aims to compile and publish these new results.