Senior woman is sitting on the sofa bed by her doctor during home visit.

Project: How should mobile and digital home care teams be managed and organized?

The development of technology makes new care structures possible - but when care moves out of the hospital to the home, how should it be organized?

Project name
Mobile and digital home care teams, how should they be managed and organized?
Project manager
Bo Andersson
Other project members
Päivi Jokela, Linnaeus University, Nam Aghee, Miranda Kajtazi, Christina Keller, Lund University, Carina Elmquist, Linda Vingren, Region Kronoberg, Helena Hvitfeldt, Vårdbolaget Tiohundra
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, Lund University, Vårdbolaget Tiohundra, Region Kronoberg
2022-04-04 - 2024-03-29
eHealth, (Department of Informatics, Faculty of Technology)
Linnaeus Knowledge Environment
Digital Transformations

More about the project

The development of society with an ageing population poses major challenges to be able to maintain good health care and health because it means an increased multimorbidity with the need for increased health care efforts and health promotion efforts. To meet these challenges, the focus is on changing the healthcare structure towards what is defined as good and local care. The concept focuses largely on moving care and interventions closer to the residents and thus also a redistribution of resources. One of the driving forces behind this is also that people who are cared for at home are more satisfied and experience increased well-being compared to those who are cared for in hospitals.

When medical care that has traditionally been provided in health care facilities is moved to the patient's homes, more advanced care is also moved out, care that must be carried out by medically competent staff. As these staff move out to varying extents, the conditions for leading this group of staff change. To succeed with this transition, expectations are placed on digital transformation of healthcare and challenges arise in how, for example, interaction, coordination, governance and knowledge transfer should be led and organized when they are digitally transformed.

The project aims to develop strategies and guidelines for the management and organization of mobile teams that are supported by digital tools in their work and is a collaboration between Vårdbolaget Tiohundra, Region Kronoberg, Linnaeus University and Lund University.

The seed project is part of the research in the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Digital Transformations.