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Project: IoT lab for SME

This project will increase knowledge of the possibilities using Internet of Things (IoT), and develop new ideas and products, among small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the Linnaeus region.

Project information

Project manager
Fredrik Ahlgren
Other project members
John Jeansson, David Mozart, Simon Vestlund, Mustafa Omareen, Neda Melaki, Arslan Musaddiq, Mats Loock, Johan Leitet, Hemant Ghayvat, Daniel Toll, Tobias Ohlsson, Francis Palma, Mustafa Omareen, Hatem Algabroun, Diana Unander and Peter Jonsson, Linnaeus University
Håkan Hallhén, Håkan Larsson and Tobias Sundling, Wexnet
Victor Olofsson and Mikael Westling, Kalmar Energi
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, Kalmar Energi, Wexnet
The European Regional Development Fund via the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket), Region Kronoberg and Region Kalmar County
1 July 2021–30 April 2023
Computer science (Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, Faculty of Technology)
Business informatics (Department of Organisation and Entrepreneurship, School of Business and Economics)
Research group
Engineering Resilient Systems (EReS)
Linnaeus Knowledge Environment
Digital Transformations

More about the project

One of the future technologies that is predicted to affect a large number of business models is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT means that more and more devices are connected to the Internet. If small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) adapt their operations to the new technology or not at an early stage may be crucial for their future existence.

In order for IoT to secure the future of small and medium-sized companies in the Linnaeus region, good examples need to be made visible, the level of knowledge increased, and experiments carried out. Experimental technology development that is rooted in the company's strategy, has proven to be crucial for understanding how the technology can be utilized and used in innovation processes.

In the light of this, Linnaeus University has since the autumn of 2019 worked focused with IoT. We have established a close collaboration with Kalmar Energi and Wexnet, who both have extensive experience from infrastructure perspectives. During the project, companies in the Linnaeus region will be given the opportunity to deepen their knowledge linked to IoT: What can you do; how do you do it?

We offer a number of activities:

1) Inspiration

The project will continuously organize various activities that aim to inspire more people about the possibilities of IoT. What is IoT? What is being done today? How do you get started? It will also disseminate concrete and good examples of what is happening within the project.

2) Competence-enhancing activities

The project will arrange various activities aimed at increasing competence in IoT among primarily small and medium-sized companies. These will be lectures, workshops and open labs. Partly they will present theoretical knowledge, and partly companies will be given the opportunity to test their own ideas in practice by building simpler solutions for half a day or a day, with the support of the project partners Linnaeus University, Kalmar Energi and Wexnet.

  • In-depth lectures and seminars: The interest in wanting to know more and going a little more in depth without having to take an entire course has emerged in dialogues with small and medium-sized companies. We will offer lectures that can that be about IoT hardware, commercialization, ecosystems and business models, what to do with all the data collected, and so on.
  • Workshops: Learning new technology is often about testing yourself and testing gadgets and equipment. We will therefore continuously offer half-day sessions where companies are given the opportunity to learn the basics and test for themselves, to increase the understanding of the possibilities of IoT.
  • Open lab days: Sitting and testing ideas together is both fun and educational for everyone involved. Therefore, the project wants to test open lab days as a concept. This means that we are opening up the lab at Linnaeus University in Kalmar for small and medium-sized companies. They can come, bring their ideas or problems and develop these further, together with researchers and students. If you compare open lab days with the workshops, the former are more informal and the companies work more side by side with researchers and teachers.

3) Tests and development of small and medium-sized companies’ ideas

Experience shows that the best way to get started with joint development work is to do something concrete together, to test ideas and get to know each other. We will match companies with students or researchers with the right skills, who together start exploring potential IoT solutions in collaboration and concretely start working together.

More information

The project is part of the research in the research group Engineering Resilient Systems (EReS) and in the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Digital Transformations.

If you want to take part in our activities, keep an eye out for our events or contact David Mozart for more information.

Please note that the project is mainly conducted in Swedish, hence we refer you to visit our swedish project page



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