Project: Local authorities – Independent Policy Players in Education Reforms?

This project was finished in 2017.

Project information

Project members: Ninni Wahlström, Daniel Sundberg
Funding Organization: IFAU 
Time frame: 2016-2017
Subject: Pedagogic

More about the project

An evaluation project financed by Institute of Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy, IFAU, 2016-2017, “Local Authorities – Independent Policy Players in Education Reforms? “, with a focus on how local authorities, as mandators of the provision of schooling, relate to questions of the meaning of the curriculum reform Lgr 11, teachers’ professional practice, norms of teaching repertoires, standards and assessment practices in their implementation and enforcement of the curriculum Lgr 11. The notion of independent local authorities is also an important element in the understanding of curriculum theory and its development.