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Project: Psyciatric symptoms and levels of appetite regulating hormones in anorexia nervosa - a longditudinal study

In this project we study appetite regulating hormones association to self-perceived psychiatric symptoms in anorexia nervosa. We also study these hormones in relation to osteoporosis.

Project information

Project manager
Pär Wanby
Other project members
Sofia Elm, Linköping University Hospital, Linnaeus University
Suzanne Petersson, Linnaeus University, Samrehab, Region Kalmar
Ina Marteinsdottir, Linnaeus University, Region Kalmar
Martin Carlsson, Linnaeus University
Lars Brudin, Linköping University Hospital, Region Kalmar
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University; AnorexiBulimiCenter and Medicinkliniken, Region Kalmar; Linköping University
Region Kalmar; Linköping University
1 jan 2022 – 31 dec 2027
Psychology (Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health and Life Science)