Project: Regional development in welfare technology and e-health services in cooperation (RUVeS)

The project RUVeS is managed by the eHealth Institute at Linnaeus university, Sweden, in cooperation with the local municipality, regional council and local companies.

Along with a growing amount of elderly people and increasing demands for quality welfare and health services, there are huge demands for implementing cost efficient solutions such as eHealth services, at a faster pace. The knowledge and uptake of digital solutions by the healthcare providers needs to increase.

The project activities aims to stimulate an eHealth market that increases the possibility for small and medium enterprises (SME) to compete. The public eHealth market is currently dominated by a few large actors which makes it difficult for SME to enter and to participate in the public procurement process. This limits innovation and creativity that a more diverse competition could provide.

RUVeS facilitates amongst other, well specified demands from healthcare providers, an open dialog between SME and healthcare providers and an infrastructure with open access. The expected result is a model describing the terms and conditions needed for the cooperation and development among the healthcare providers and the SMEs. The long term effect is expected to be a more innovative market that contributes to improved growth and increased application of eHealth services to deliver high quality care in the region.

More about the project:
Main target groups are health services and care providers, companies (SME).
Total budget: EUR 533 485
ESIF contribution: 50% (ERDF)
Timeframe: 2016-2019

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