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Project: Residues to Best Use – Biochar as a solution and a product in a sustainable and circular society

The aim of Residues to Best Use is to develop solutions for managing society’s organic residues (park and garden waste, agro-biopellets, sludge, algae and seaweed) and create a beneficial product (biochar), while at the same time minimising the environmental and climate impact of the residues and establishing a carbon sink.

Project information

Project manager at Linnaeus University
Ann-Mari Fransson
Other project members
Anna Jensen
Participating organizations
The project has 27 associated partners. The full list can be found here:
Forestry industry production systems (Department of Forestry and Wood Technology, Faculty of Technology)

More about the project

Residues to Best Use is one of the first Swedish projects that has taken an overall approach of biochar - from the handling of organic residues and production of biochar through pyrolysis to the distribution and use of biochar, including life cycle analyses, certification and recommendations. The current focus of the project is the optimisation and scaling-up of technologies previously developed within the project, verification and dissemination of results and development of efficient business models and sustainable biochar markets.

The project is part of the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Green sustainable development.