Rock carving

Project: Samburu rock art – a unique cultural heritage

The overall aim of this project is to document and convey the unique and still ongoing tradition of creating petroglyphs among the Samburu in northern Kenya to stimulate a socially sustainable cultural tourism.

Project information

Project manager
Peter Skoglund
Other project members
Steven Labarakwe, Joakim Goldhahn, Sada Mire, Ebbe Westergren
Participating organizations
Linnéuniversitetet and Empower the Northern Frontier
The Swedish Institute
Archaeology (Department of Cultural Sciences)

More about the project

The Samburu people of northern Kenya are struggling to survive in a very harsh and marginalized desert region. This project will develop their cultural heritage to strengthen the local economy and attract visitors to the region.

In this project, Linnaeus University is working together with the NGO Empower the Northern Frontier in Kenya to build local expertise in documenting and communicating the unique ongoing rock art tradition among the Samburu.

Our experiences on documentation and outreach activities will be shared with the Samburu, hereby enabling local communities to take ownership, to document, and to preserve their rock art and related narratives. By making this unique rock art tradition accessible for a wider audience, sustainable cultural tourism can be developed, which will strengthen the local economy.