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Project: #Silenceintheclassroom – young peoples’ talk about sexual harassment

The purpose of this project is to contribute knowledge about how boys and girls of different ages perceive and talk about sexual harassment, both those that take place in school and those that take place on social media.

Project information

Project manager
Liselotte Eek-Karlsson
Other project members
Maria Hedlin, Ragnar Olsson, Jan Berggren, Ann-Christin Torpsten, Gunilla Gunnarsson
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University
Linnaeus University (Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Education in Change, Forskning om pedagogiska praktiker och professioner (PEPP), Department of Education and Teachers' Practice)
1 Jan 2018–31 Dec 2022
Educational Science (Department of Education and Teachers' Practice, Faculty of Social Sciences)

More about the project

The aim with the project is to contribute knowledge of how boys and girls in different ages perceive and talk about sexual harassment, that take place both in school and in social media. The empirical data was constructed through pair interviews with pupils in secondary and upper secondary school.

The project’s research questions are retrieved from discussions in focus groups with active teachers. In addition to a desire to gain knowledge about pupils’ everyday life related to sexual harassment, issues were also formulated where teachers experienced a lack of knowledge. For example, how boys perceive sexual harassment and how to create an environment that challenges the traditional masculine culture. Another perceived deficiency that emerged in the discussions was how to successfully work to counteract sexual harassment in school.

The result of the project can be used in teacher training education as well as in education for active teachers, for them to be better prepared to meet these questions in their everyday life in school.

The project is part of the research in the Forskning om pedagogiska praktiker och professioner (PEPP) research group and the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Education in Change.