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Project: Strategic Research Centre for 4th Generation District Heating (4DH) Technologies and Systems

This project will generate knowledge in the design of fourth generation, low-temperature heating systems.

Project information

Project manager
Professor Henrik Lund, Aalborg University, Denmark
Project members
Leif Gustavsson
Danish Council of Strategic Research
Department of Built Environment and Energy Technology, Faculty of Technology

More about the project

The 4DH project has received 37 million DKK research grant from the Danish Council of Strategic Research to establish a research center to promote the development of fourth generation district heating technologies and systems. This is vital for development of resource efficient built environment with low environmental impact. The centre will generate knowledge in the design of low-temperature heating systems, interaction with the heating of low energy housing, planning tools based on GIS tools, tools for design of flexible power/heat production and law and tariff and organizational forms.

The project is led by Professor Henrik Lund of the Aalborg University and includes partners and steering committee members from China, Croatia, Denmark and Sweden, including Linnaeus University's Sustainable Built Environment Research group (SBER).