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Project: Student Mental Health – The Mental Health Symposium Project

The purpose of the mental health symposium is to emphasise the importance of mental health awareness amongst the EUniWell community, and in particular among students. Throughout the project, each participating university collect information on specific aspects of mental health resources at their universities and the state of health of its students.

Lead partner
University of Semmelweis, Hungary
Project research members at the Linnaeus University
Soniya Billore, Lali Lindell
Student contact at the Linnaeus University
Camilla Andersson Lundqvist
Students at the Linnaeus University
Yelyzaveta Hordiienko, Isabella Gigante, Yi-Chun Chu, ‘Cassie’ Xuan Dong, Iresha Nayani Dharmadasa
International collaborating partners
University of Birmingham, UK; University of Cologne, Germany; University of Florence, Italy; Leiden University, Netherlands; University of Nantes, France.
The project is funded by the participating partners through the European University for Well-being, EUniWell.
mental health, psychology, wellbeing

More about the project

A three-day symposium will be held in October 2022 in Budapest to present the data collected along with guest speakers and activities. This will allow the consortium an opportunity to exchange ideas regarding how mental health is addressed in the respective universities.

Read more here: https://www.euniwell.eu/what-we-offer/seed-funding-programme/projects-of-the-second-seed-funding-call-2021/collaboration-project-on-mental-health-in-the-euniwell-community

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