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Project: StudentWell - Supporting and measuring student well-being through cross-university interventions

Project information

Lead partner
University of Florence, Italy
Project manager

Silvio De Magistris
Project members Linnaeus University
Lali Lindell, Jenny Lovebo
Collaborating partner Sweden
Linnaeus University; Ölandshälsan
International collaborating partners
University of Florence, Italy; Semmelweis University, Hungary; University of Birmingham, England
The project is funded by the participating partners through the European University for Well-being, EUniWell.
health, psychology, wellbeing

More about the project

The objective of StudentWell is to supporte student health and quality of life. The aim is for students to gain an experiential understanding of their somatic, affective and cognitive stress reactions in order to transform them and learn to sustain well-being.

Students report a range of discomforts and obstacles impacting on their lifestyle and well-being including a loss of contact with their own bodies, stress and fatigue from study and working to deadlines.

Student well-being will be supported by four different intervention techniques: Forest Bathing, Autogenic Training, Alexander Technique and a Body & Mind Awareness Programme. Using a validated well-being scale, the project will analyse the results of the four interventions.

The forest bathing program will run for staff and students registered at the Linnaeus university starting ca 19th September 2022 and ending ca. 13th of November 2022.

Note that the program starts with a forest bathing session in Växjö on 22th of September and in Kalmar on 23d of September. The places in each location are limited.

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Link to Program Platform in English (only for registered participants)

Link to forest bathing activity card in English

Link to Program Platform in Swedish (only for registered participants)

Link to forest bathing activity card in Swedish



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