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Project: The development and implementation of PhD curricula in ICT for Kosovo (DI-PHDICTKES)

Kosovo’s lack of an ICT PhD program limits involvement on the international stage in academic and industry dialogue and advancements. A national PhD program will create a qualified educational milieu with stakeholders who will contribute to discussions of modernization and accessibility, regionally and globally.

Project information

Project coordinator
Anita Mirijamdotter
Other project members at Linnaeus University
Patrik Elm, Päivi Jokela, Zenun Kastrati, Arianit Kurti, Ann-Charlotte Larsson, Katarina Rönndahl
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University; Norwegian University of Science and Technology; South-East European Research Center, Greece; Kosovo Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, UBT – Higher Education Institution, University of Prishtina och Ukshin Hoti University of Prizren, Kosovo
Associated partners: Kosovo Accreditation Agency, Kosbit LLC and BpB Bank, Kosovo
EACEA.A.4 – International Capacity Building, project number 609990-EPP-1-2019-1-SE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
15 Nov 2019–14 Nov 2023
Informatics (Department of Informatics, Faculty of Technology)

More about the project

Despite ever accelerating workplace changes, including rapidly expanding technological access and fast improving information and communication systems, the education system in Kosovo is not fully developed enough to provide a high-quality research-based education in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Coping simultaneously with varied national priorities, Kosovo – a small country with 2 million inhabitants and a national budget of only 2.3 billion – lacks the needed investments to fundamentally transform the quality of the education system.

This funded project, aimed at the development and implementation of a national ICT doctoral program, addresses today’s workforce priorities and requirements. The design and delivery of a national PhD program in ICT is crucial for Kosovo in order to ensure competitive readiness within the regional education systems and national economies of the west Balkans – and beyond.

The project focuses on establishing a national research school in ICT in Kosovo and establishing a national curricula for PhD studies in the ICT field with key elements of learning outcomes, goals and skills. Further activities in the project aim at increasing the research competences of university staff in Kosovo, and by that contribute to facilitating the accreditation process to appropriate national bodies of the individual Kosovo universities’ PhD programs.

The project is part of the research in the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Digital Transformations.


A conference is organised in Kosovo, August 8-9, 2022 within this project that focus on Academic Diaspora and Kosovo Industry. Please visit for more information and registrations.