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Project: The graduate school ReSource: Transforming Reading and Source Criticism in Digital Cultures

A national research school in Library and Information Science.

Project information

Project manager at Linnaeus University
Joacim Hansson
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, University of Borås, Lund University, Uppsala University, Södertörn University, Umeå University
The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)
1 jan 2023–31 dec 2027
Library and information science (Department of Cultural Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

More about the project

The graduate school ReSource takes as its starting point the current “crisis of information,” characterised by, among other things, the proliferation of misinformation and conspiracy ideologies, the commercialisation of the public information infrastructure, the entry of AI technologies into more and more areas, and the increasing distrust of traditionally trusted institutions.

ReSource explores practices of informational reading and source criticism through analyses of the interplay between changing and evolving (commercial) information infrastructures, societal institutions, and the expectations and experiences of people in different roles.