Project: The greening of organisational culture in shipping

How does the culture of an organisation affect environmental behaviours in shipping? The title leads us to the overall contribution of this doctoral student project which is to provide some clarity into what enables a "greener" organisational culture in shipping.

Project information

Project manager
Mats Hammander
Maritime Science (Kalmar Maritime Academy, Faculty of Technology)

More about the project

The project uses the lens of maritime science and the toolbox of social science in order to understand the context in which behaviour and culture can be studied. This being contextually placed within the shipping industry and its environmental behaviour.

The project broadly uses different contextual descriptions, such as situations with operational oil-discharges and the action of one individual actor or a small group of actors in close proximity to the event. Additionally, actions taken by the shipping company or part of the company in order to reduce the environmental effects from Green House Gases, i.e. carbon dioxide, are of interest.

Another interesting area relates to the institutional borders that surround the cultural domain of the seafarer. This includes the handling of solid waste and the functioning of Port Reception Facilities (PRF) and how it affects the seafarers' environmental motivation.

The project uses different methods of data collection, such as interviews and focus groups from seafarers and office personnel. This is complemented by the use of survey data related to environmental behaviour from approximately 2 000 seafarers.

The project is part of the research conducted by the Maritime science research group.

Photo: Kjell Larsson