picture of moss in the forest

Project: The health-promoting values and effects of the forest

The intention is to explore and describe people's experiences of the forest and its importance for health and well-being.

Project information

Project manager
Susanne Knutsson
Other project members
Ulrica Hörberg and Johan Bergh, Linnaeus University
Södra, IKEA and Linnaeus University
1 April 2023–
Caring Science (Department of Health and Caring Sciences, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences) and Forestry and Wood Technology (Department of Forestry and Wood Technology, Faculty of Technology).

More about the project

We know today that the forest is important for us humans. But, we need more knowledge about what it is in the forest that is important, why it is important and how.

The purpose of this project is to explore and describe people's experiences of the forest and forest habitat and its importance for well-being and health. People who participate are those who have stayed in a forest accommodation for a few days. The intention of the project is that the result can contribute to highlighting the forest's value for human health and well-being and to develop concrete health-promoting measures and treatments for certain disease states that can increase human health in everyday life.

The project consists of 4 partial studies and is part of the research in the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Green Sustainable Development.