Virtual reality, Vadstena abbey church

Project: The Multisensory World of Vadstena Abbey in the Late Middle Ages

This interdisciplinary project aims by Virtual reality technique make possible to experience sound, light, space, colour as it might have been experienced by a visitor to Vadstena abbey church during the late middle ages.

Project information

Project member Linnaeus University
Karin Strinnholm Lagergren
Other project members
Eva Lindqvist Sandgren, project leader, Uppsala University
Mathias Barbagallo, The Faculty of Engineering, LTH
Hanna Autio, The Faculty of Engineering, LTH
Delphine Bard, The Faculty of Engineering, LTH
Stefan Lindgren, Lund University
Carolina Ask, consultant
Participating organizations
Uppsala University (Coordinating organization)
Linnaeus University
Lund University
The Faculty of Engineering, LTH
The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)
1 January 2017-31 December 2021
Musicology (Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of Music and Art)

More about the project

The Multisensory World of Vadstena Abbey in the Late Middle Ages is an interdisciplinary project that is exploring new methods in cultural heritage research, while promoting and developing collaboration among researchers. The project members study how music and acoustics interact with the medieval interior of Vadstena Abbey Church using 3D- and virtual reality technologies.

The project members are creating a virtual 3D-model of the church interior, which includes sound. This approach incorporates non-material aspects of cultural heritage and is an entirely new way of presenting one of Sweden’s most important medieval cultural heritage environments: churches. Thus, the 3D-model of the interior allows the visitor to digitally experience the sculptures, furnishings, and textiles in a fifteenth-century church. In addition, the computer acoustic simulation allows the visitor to test a variety of alternative acoustics.

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