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Project: Transforming the Kosovo and Albanian Education System by Introducing DigItal Technology in Teacher Education (IGNITE)

An EU project that will analyse the learning path of IT related subjects in the Core Curriculum of pre-university studies in Kosovo and Albania, and modernise the Kosovo pre-university education curriculum including the ICT competencies in the horizontal subjects. Also, the project will promote the development of digital competence among educators and learners, which is one of the eight competencies included in the European Framework of Key Competences for Lifelong Learning.

Project information

Project manager
Fisnik Dalipi
Other project members
Arianit Kurti, Anita Mirijamdotter, Zenun Kastrati, Mexhid Ferati, Ali Hamidi
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University; Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway; Oulu University, Finland; Prishtina University, Kosovo; University of Tirana, Albania; University of Prizren, Kosovo; University for Business and Technology, Kosovo; Polytechnic University, Albania.
EU, Erasmus+
June 2023 - May 2026
Informatics (Department of Informatics, Faculty of technology)

More about the project

The project intends to strengthen the computational thinking in schools through the following project objectives:

  • Analyse the learning path of IT related subjects in the Core Curriculum of pre-university studies in Kosovo and Albania
  • Establish a task force of Educational Technologists that will have the main responsibility for transforming the education processes through technology in the school system.
  • Create open learning resources for specific subject and offer through the eLearning repository
  • Train and retrain the IT teachers with the new digital competences with respect to their learning materials
  • Modernise the existing teacher education programs and courses in Kosovo and Albania by including ICT competences.

The project is part of the research in the Interaction Design Research Group and the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Digital Transformations.