a workshop during the project

Project: Web and mobile accessibility for visually impaired (WMA4VIP)

WMA4VIP was an exploratory research project that investigated the challenges that the community of blind and visually impaired faces in North Macedonia. Those challenges were then addressed by bringing Swedish experiences and solutions.

This project was concluded in 2014.

Project information

Project manager
Arianit Kurti
Other project members at Linnaeus University
Mexhid Ferati
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University; South East European University, North Macedonia
Stint (The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education)
Sept 2013–Aug 2014
Informatics (Department of Informatics, Faculty of Technology)

More about the project

One of the most marginalized communities in North Macedonia is the visually impaired people who lack access to basic resources for education. The digital resources, especially delivered through web and mobile technologies, provide an opportunity to increase the access to educational content for the visually impaired. By extending the cooperation between Linnaeus University and South East European University to research activities, we aim to bring together the best practices already established in Sweden with the researchers from South East European University to jointly address the needs of the visually impaired people in North Macedonia.

In relation to this, three workshops and a seminar/mini conference with university researchers and members of non-governmental organizations engaged with the visually impaired people are planned in the scope of this project. The tangible outcomes of these activities will be the creation of a venue for knowledge sharing, as well as identification and exploration of different web and mobile technologies to be utilized for designing and developing assistive and adaptive tools for visually impaired people.

The project was part of the research in the Interaction Design Research Group and the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Education in change.