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Project: Welcome Re-Course: Co-produced Online Training to Support the Inclusion of Refugee, Migrant and International Students

Welcome Re-Course is a co-produced online training to support the inclusion of refugee, migrant, and international students in order to improve well-being within universities and society.

Project information

Project manager Linnaeus University
Eleonor Marcussen, Department of Cultural Sciences
Elin Lindkvist, Office of External Relations

Other project members Linnaeus University
Maria Fahr, project assistant
Erika Lundby, collaboration adviser, Office of External Relations 
Sharon Muriuki, intern

Participating organizations
Jennifer Allsopp, University of Birmingham (PI)
Koreana Ko, University of Birmingham
Danielle Heslin-Hill, University of Birmingham
Stephanie Lambert, Nantes University
Sophie Le Gal, Nantes University
Ines Maksud, Nantes University
Marcos Alonso Bote Diaz, Murcia University
Matteo Pulliti, University of Florence
Nicole Ventisette, University of Florence
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

EUniWell (European Parliament)

June 2023 - 31 October 2024

University of Birmingham

More about the project

This collaborative project by a well-established network of researchers, students and teachers across five EUniWell Universities and KNU will inform inclusive research, pedagogy and practice around the welcome and inclusion of students from refugee, migrant and international backgrounds, supporting EUniWell‘s core mission to improve well-being within universities and society.

The main deliverable will be an online module on the experiences of refugee, migrant and international students, different cultures of welcome and how to support such students in higher education institutions. This module will be based on qualitative research carried out by each institution.

The project is hosted at University of Birmingham Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS), a global leader in the field of inclusion of refugees in higher education. The coordinator and PI, Dr Jennifer Allsopp is the founder and co-chair of the UoB Sanctuary group and has been active in EUniWell’s work to coordinate support for refugee and migrant students.

The module developed within the project focuses on what welcome in higher education actually means to refugee and international students with first-hand experience and what they would like their peers and colleagues to know.

The inclusion of artistic and creative explorations of welcome (including visual arts, narratives, songs and other media) will be especially engaging for the student audience as well as giving the co-creators a range of ways to contribute in a way that feels safe for them.