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Project: Wood in Carbon Efficient Construction (€CO2)

The €CO2 was a European project focusing on carbon efficient construction and the role of wood.

Project information

Research Group
Sustainable Built Environment Research (SBER)
Project Manager
Leif Gustavsson
WoodWisdom-Net and industries
Department of Built Environment and Energy Technology, Faculty of Technology

More about the project

The €CO2 was a 2.5 year (2011-2013) European project focusing at carbon efficient construction and the role of wood. The project was funded through WoodWisdom-Net and industries and had 20 partners in five European countries.

The main objectives of this project were:

  • to create holistic understanding of carbon efficiency in the full life-cycle of a building,
  • to define technical potential and obstacles for the use of wood in carbon efficient construction,
  • to develop practical solutions for calculating and optimising the carbon footprint of different wood construction systems and
  • to disseminate scientific results efficiently to relevant stakeholders, including e.g. authorities, regulation developers and construction industry.

The project had seven Work Packages (WPs). Linnaeus University was the leader of WP1 and coordinated the Swedish partners. WP1 dealt with primary energy and greenhouse gas balances over building life cycle incorporating the complexity of variables and robust methodologies.

The project was part of the research conducted by the Sustainable Built Environment Research (SBER) research group.