Project: Young Citizens and the Quality of News. Construals, Emotions and Strategies

In this project, we investigate how young adult citizens construe (perceive, comprehend and interpret) and experience quality in news content in a high choice, hybrid media landscape. Especially, the emotional dimension in relation to the notion of quality in news is at the centre.

Project information

Project manager
Kristoffer Holt
Other project members
Mahitab Ezz El Din, Mats Wahlberg, Ari Nykvist, Renaud de la Brosse, Peter Dahlén
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University
Stiftelsen Barometern
1 Jan 2022 – 31 Dec 2023
Media and Communication Science, Journalism and Media Production

More about the project

Media with high quality content are central to a functioning modern society. This is especially important in relation to the younger population. However, what constitutes quality is still insufficiently studied. In particular, there is a lack of knowledge about quality from the perspective of young citizens.

In this project, we investigate:

  1. How young citizens view quality in relation to news
  2. The relationship between emotional reactions and quality assessments
  3. Young citizens' strategies for finding news content that they judge to be of high quality.

The project combines interviews, focus group discussions and biometric audience tests (UX) to shed light on young citizens' views on and experience of quality in news journalism. The latter is done in the biometric laboratory Visualix at the Department of Media and Journalism (MJ), Linnaeus University in Kalmar.