Project: Trolling in the Deep – Sexism in the chat rooms of e-sport

E-sport is an emergent phenomenon with an explosive growth. Its connections to the IT-sector of make it a nexus of both commerce and leisure, through the evolution of its organisational output.

This project was concluded in 2018.

New competitions, leagues, games, teams and formats emerge every day. Twitch TV, for example, is an online streaming service that functions as an umbrella for almost all contemporary e-sport. E-sport differs from most its analogue counterparts in the sports family in that women are allowed to compete among men. But there are few examples of this occurring in reality. This is connected to the fact that gaming culture is fraught with misogyny and 'laddish' behaviour.

The study uses a multimodal (n)ethnographic approach to collect data from streamed e-sport on Twitch TV with a special focus on the content from chat culture.

The project ends in 2018 and is financed by the Linnaeus University.