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Project: Good sporting environments

The purpose of this project is to study successful youth sporting environments. This refers to environments which continuously mother good practitioners at both national and international levels, and environments which manage to engage and retain young practitioners over a long period of time.

About the project

Project Manager

PG Fahlström

Project Members

Per Göran Fahlström (Lnu), Susanne Linner (Lnu), Mats Glemne (Lnu) and Per Gerrevall (Lnu)

Funding Organizations



2014 - 2016


The aim of this project is to study successful sporting environments with youth focus. This refers to environments that continuously develop good practitioners at national and international level, and environments that manages to engage and retain young practitioners for a long time.

The environments are studied from Henriksen et al (2010) models Athletic Talent Development Environment, ATDE and Environment Succes Factors, (ESF).

Empirical data collection is done through interviews with representatives of a number of special sports federations and observation / interview / document analysis in selected sports environments.

Currently conducted environmental studies in selected sports.