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Project: Play-based didactics

The purpose of this project is to, in collaboration between university and preschool, further develop theory about play-based preschool didactics.

This project was concluded in 2019.

Project information

Project name
Play-based didactics: Developing early childhood didactics theory in collaboration between researchers and preschool teachers
Project manager at Linnaeus University
Maria Magnusson
Other project members
Hanna Palmér and Maria Magnusson, Linnaeus University
Niklas Pramling (project manager), Camilla Björklund, Anne Kultti, Pernilla Lagerlöf, Cecilia Wallerstedt and Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Susanne Thulin and Agneta Jonsson, Kristianstad University, Sweden
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, University of Gothenburg and Kristianstad University, Sweden
The Swedish Institute for Educational Research (Skolforskningsinstitutet; Skolfi 2016/112)
Pedagogy, didactics (Department of Education and Teachers' Practice, Faculty of Social Sciences)

More about the project

  • Read more about the project at the project page at Skolforskningsinstitutet (in Swedish).
  • The book Play-Responsive Teaching in Early Childhood Education (Springer) develops a theoretical concept about teaching and is based on children's learning and development through playing.
  • An issue of the Swedish journal Research in teaching and learning (Forskning om undervisning och lärande; ForskUL) with the theme Play-responsive teaching in early childhood education (Lekresponsiv undervisning i förskolan) presents part-studies from the project: ForskUL_vol7_nr1_2019.pdf (in Swedish).
  • An article about the project Acquiring written language tools by "playing shop" (Att tillägna sig skriftspråkliga verktyg genom att leka affär) can be found here: ForskUL_vol7_nr1_2019_s23-43.pdf (in Swedish).