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Projekt: Work inequalities in later life redefined by digitalization (Digi-net)

This project is a four-year international research network on the conditions for the elderly in a digitized labor market.

Project information

Project manager
Clary Krekula, Lagunathan Govender
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University, seats of learning etc in 28 other European countries and in Israel
COST Actions EU (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)
20 Oct 2022–19 Oct 2026
Social work (Department of Social Work, Faculty of Social Sciences)

More about the project

With an aging population and increasing policy solutions to raise the retirement age, a prolonged participation in the labour market is expected. At the same time, working life and society at large is undergoing a pervasive digitalization. These two development trends raise a number of questions concerning inequality and exclusion of older workers, such as how digitalization influences their opportunities and also problems of continuing working later on in life, making a living and being included in society.

The purpose of this COST action-network is to generate new, relevant knowledge for policy that can address inequality in work later on in life against a background of digitalization. The purpose will be reached by establishing international cooperation and a new research area focusing on questions about possibilities and problems related to aging, digitalization and inequality.

The network is interdisciplinary and entails cooperation with, for example, actors in policy development, civil society, trade unions and older workers themselves. This will lead to a common, international web site serving as a platform for relevant researchers, multiple research publications of various kinds, conferences and workshops.

All who are interested are welcome to activate themselves in the network by joining one of the following five working groups:

  • Digitalisation and social inequalities
  • Digitalisation and age culture in organisations
  • Digitalisation and health of older workers
  • Digitalisation and policies
  • Digitalisation and media

The project is a part of the research conducted in the research group Social Work, Disability and Ageing SODA).